Rachel Currea Music, Inc.

With Gratitude:

A project of this diversity and scope is only accomplished with many hands involved. Many of the musicians generously volunteered their time and input, and remarked on the sense of teamwork that permeated this project. That teamwork is what made this project a joy every step of the way. Dr. Kathryn Longo of FIU shouldered much of responsibility with infinite expertise and humor. Thanks also go to Dr. Don Oglesby whose palpable excitement about the Reformation 500 celebrations and encouragement helped keep my spirits high and bring this project to fruition. Thanks to Robert Tindle for a beautiful orchestration and tolerance to my endless edits. Special thanks to David Pegel who served as bass, tenor, counter tenor (all on the same day!), offered invaluable input into compositional details, served as my ears in the back of the hall during recording sessions…he had my back at every turn. Thanks to Granada Presbyterian Church, Episcopal Chapel of the Venerable Bede, and FIU for rehearsal spaces. Grateful praise for helping with endless details and moral support goes to Raymond Lim, Paul Griffith, Toby Brigham, Edward Baker. Heartfelt thanks to Pastor Carlos Salabarria for his support administratively, emotionally, and spiritually. Finally, special thanks to my husband for supporting me in this endeavor and offering wonderful ideas that helped make this project what it is.v


Porter Anderson, Towana Bahr, Edward Baker, Johathan Batchelor, Toby Prince Brigham, Robin and Chris Carlson, Lane Convey, Derek Deville, Barbara Dittlow, Stacey Donayre , Florida International University, Sue Floyd, Sylvia Foyt, Martha Gonzalez, Linda Gregory, Joanna and Paul Griffith, Iglesia Presbyteriana El Redentor, Bonnie and Sidney Indgin, Raymond Lim, Kathryn Longo, Jake Thomas, Robert Thomas, Liana Tidwell, Marilyn and Paul Wallace.